Ungoverned Spaces

The world at the moment seems a mess.  Lot’s of despair and difficulty — and the news is laden with diplomatic and military discussions of Ungoverned Spaces — and the dissatisfaction and dissent that flourishes in them.

That got me thinking about Ungoverned Spaces in business — both on a personal level where interactions take place without established rules and rulers — and in the businesses we work with each week in our investment or our consulting firm.

What are the things that people do that really bug me —  and — have I ever spoken out to establish a different set of rules or behaviors — or have instead left this ungoverned?

What of the problems we’re seeing are the result of a workforce or work process that’s ungoverned — no man’s lands, or processes that we never looked at as chained together that way?

Is there a way to re-organize work, duties or reporting relationships to strengthen governance and brighten up the grey spaces of leadership?

Ungoverned is different from poorly governed.  One implies a void whereas the other implies a weak hand or effort.

If dissent and dissatisfaction really do fester and flourish in ungoverned spaces — what are the ungoverned spaces in your business and what can you do to minimize their geography?

Cheers.  DC

About dougcurling

a compassionate capitalist
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