I’m Back…

I’m a little late for Festivus and the annual airing of grievances but after a rough 2014 I’m finally back in the saddle.

Before I start posting on pent-up business topics I want to thank everyone who helped me recover from my knee/leg injury (ruptured left quad and detached tendon).  Big time injury.  Surgery, 2 months in casts, 2 more months in braces, 36 physical therapy sessions, lots of time in my own gym and 9 months later I’m back at 85%+ mostly pain free.  That’s right — 9 months.

None of that would be possible without the help of some great medical attention — starting with North Fulton Hospital (www.nfultonhospital.com), surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Albert and the folks at Resurgens Orthopaedics (www.resurgens.com), PT Caroline Rice and the super nice folks at the Roswell location of Physiotherapy Associates (www.physiocorp.com) — and of course my family who put up with a guy who doesn’t idle well for the better part of 2014.

I grew a deep appreciation for those that dedicate their lives to helping others get better. Despite all our collective griping about the US healthcare system — my health insurance worked (everyone should have health insurance), I had access to extraordinarily dedicated care givers, in well outfitted facilities and  I’m grateful that I can walk again.

Happy New Year 2015 — It’s great being back in the saddle.

Cheers.  DC

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