The Great List

As I sit on the office waiting for my last meeting of 2010 — I thought I’d smash out a list of the toys/tools/resources that helped me make my 2010 GREAT. — a tremendous jukebox/TV channel like website that allows you to search by artist — and then choose videos to play and songs to listen to/buy. Really simple, really clever.

Evernote App — I use this on all my Macs/smart phones to store important documents, in indexed files, in the cloud. Allows me to access everything important, anywhere anytime.

iPad — totally useless as an all around web tool because of its moronic lack of flash support (yes Steve we get that you hate flash but your petty grudges keeps me from using this as my travel notebook). Nonetheless, the iPad is the perfect sofa/airplane handheld device. Its all about the apps. I particularly like and the downloadable financial newspapers — WSJ and FT.

HP12c iPhone App — just what you think it is.

Casemate leather BB case & Splash battery iPhone case — perfect little body bags for my indispensable electronic brains. The Casemate form fits my BB perfectly and the Splash adds a slim extra battery in-line for the iPhone to actually let that device have enough power to make it all day.

The New Kindle (wifi+3G) — the Kindle has been and still is my favorite e-reader. Light, bulletproof, quick, easy to hold and read and sync’s perfectly and intuitively. Yeah I know I can read books on my iPad but my Kindle battery lasts several weeks whereas my iPad requires a daily charge (and its heavy and useless in bright sun).

The Allman Brothers Band 40th Anniversary Box Set — every song from every show of the historic Band’s 40th Anniversary run at the Beacon Theater in March 2009. Perfect music.

LAMY roller ball pens — simply the best rollerballs made. I get mine from Fahrney’s Pens in Washington, DC.

Barron’s Newspaper and The Sporting News — two great print publications that have avoided being “hip” and instead deliver just what I want to read in timely, well written magazines.

Happy New Year —- Bring on 2011. It’s Going To Be GREAT!

Doug C

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2 Responses to The Great List

  1. John Pate says:

    Thanks Doug – I’m just getting caught up on your blogs and really enjoying them. You will be receiving your annual jar of xmas salsa soon (ten days) via the AG multi-night shipping. Happy New Year.

  2. The iPad and early education learning should go hand-in-hand, but because most web sites dedicated to these topics employ flash, my iPad is a just a game machine to my six year old. It frustrates me to no end that there are hundreds of sites out there that could help kids learn to read if only Apple and Adobe would play nice together!

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