Suggested MBA/Investor Reading

I’m giving a speech on the economy in a couple of weeks to an executive MBA class and the sponsor asked me to pull together a suggested reading list of the sources I personally use to keep abreast of what’s going on in Economics, Finance and World Business.  Here’s the list I came up with.  Enjoy.



1) WSJ and Barron’s — some free content on web, great pay content on web — web subscription is cheaper but I get both in real paper form.

2) BusinessWeek — The “big” finance magazines — Forbes, Fortune, BusinessWeek trade places from time to time on best content/coverage but of late I      like BusinessWeek the best.

3) The Economist — fantastic world political, finance, news and science magazine — the last magazine subscription I’d cancel 🙂


Pay Sites:

1) Morningstar — $99 for great mutual fund information, analysis and rankings

2) ValueLine — $538/year (discounts available) for fantastic listed stock information, analysis and rankings

3) Shadow Government Statistics — $175 for a year of detailed insightful analysis of US government issued economic data

4) Stratfor — $199 for a year of world political and economic news and analysis


Economic and Financial Sites and Blogs (FREE):

Baseline Scenario – global economic blog

Calculated Risk – finance and US economic blog

Seeking Alpha – general investor market news and coverage website

John Mauldin newsletters – well known author/speaker publishes two finance/economic newsletters — Outside the Box and Thoughts From The Frontline.  Always good – sometimes brilliant


Cheers.  DC

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