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What Should Be In Your Pitch Deck — Part 1 — What Investors Want To See

I’ve been asked several times in the last 30 days to help folks get their Pitch Decks “right”. Always interesting to learn about something new — but — much of the time is spent on helping folks understand What Investors … Continue reading

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The American Dream

A little over 3 years ago two young men stopped me as I was walking into a local restaurant (they worked in an adjacent strip mall business and had apparently done some R&D). Despite some initial awkwardness, they politely told … Continue reading

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The Big 3 — Reasons Why Start-Up’s Fail

I spend a lot of time meeting with company founders and their management teams. By in large, they’re all smart folks – very passionate – charismatic – commited to their business (or business idea) and their teams. So what makes … Continue reading

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