Navigating the Crisis

Dear Everybody. Work the problem.

We can do anything for a couple of weeks – but we can’t shut down our factories and storefronts (and restaurants and breweries and barbershops and bakeries and pet food stores and dentists and …..) for very long or the supply chain dies and we have total economic collapse.

And that will be the real killer of large numbers of Americans – and those #’s will dwarf corona virus deaths. Manage the risk but the absolutism has to stop. We have to settle down.

Restricting large assemblies right now makes sense. Restricting all humans assembly is impossible and moronic and an economic killer. America – and American wages – are fueled by small businesses. We have to allow them to operate or everybody loses and we’re Rome after the collapse. Very very quickly. Most businesses are already doing this for the remainder of March – but after that it’s closing doors. With no revenue – they’ll have to stop paying wages and stop paying bills including health insurance premiums. We can’t collectively sit this one out.

Old folks and the vulnerable cocoon yourselves and we’ll keep you supplied in your bunkers (well I’m one of the old folks hiding out). Sick folks stay home – and get screened if our government gets its act together. Those of you that are healthy but freaking out – just stay home too – and like the old folks we’ll help you stay cocooned as well.

The rest of America needs to dig in, be smart, and keep the lights on and the economy running. The economy is contagious too – and we’re under attack. Buckle up but get back to work.

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1 Response to Navigating the Crisis

  1. John Pate says:

    Thank you Doug. I’ve missed your posts. Hiring is drying up and we have plans in place for a worst case scenario. Hopefully, we’ll cycle through this in time. The good and bad news is we are not alone. That’s all “what it is” so I’m now focused on my mid 30’s children – one of whom told me he had a “tickle” in his throat last night. They’re all still in the “I’m bulletproof” stage. Hopefully they’ll learn they’re not without dire consequences. BTW: last week Andy’s mother in law was killed in a car accident and navigating those waters these days isn’t easy. Be safe. John

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