Questions for Exit Interviews

The last couple of weeks I’ve conducted several exit interviews for the companies or non-profits I work with.  This required me to scour my own files and ask my connections for questions they’ve either used before or questions they’d wish they had asked.  To give you a starting point for your own list — here’s the one I used.

Why are you leaving?

What did you enjoy most/least about your experience here?

How did the job match your expectations?

How well do you think your job description actually fit what you were asked to focus on?

When you joined us did you feel that the work you were doing was well aligned with your own goals & interests? How has that view changed now?

What could we have done better?

What was your best/worst day on the job?

What advice would you give someone coming into your position as a replacement?

From a people/culture standpoint what changes would you suggest?

What are your Top 3 things to improve and Top 3 things we’re doing right?

What are the most important things for me to pay attention to in your absence?

What don’t I know about your employees that I need to know to continue our success?

Would you recommend this as a great place for a friend to work?

Are there any unresolved issues or additional comments?

Is there anything I can personally do to help you be successful in your new challenge?

If handled correctly, exit interviews are a great opportunity to both gain insight and cement moving forward relationships.

Cheers.  DC

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