What Should Be In Your Pitch Deck — Part 2 — What Investors Think During Your Pitch

You spent weeks getting your Pitch Deck “right” and your team spent just as much time practicing their presentation — among yourselves and in front of friendly warm audiences. You feel ready to “let it rip” and see if anybody wants to help.

Assuming your Pitch Deck is great — and your Pitch is well rehearsed and really, really solid — here’s what your audience will be thinking as you pour your hearts out and run through your spiel.


How great an idea/”thing” is it?

How big a problem does this address and solve?

How hard is it to sell?

How great are they at selling?

How long does it/will it take to ramp?

How well are they connected and entrenched?

How quickly will this space and the problems/solutions change and evolve?

Who are/will be their competitors and how rough & tumble is their space?

How hard is “it” to start, build, manage and sustain?

How deep do our pockets need to be if we’re wrong on this company/idea?

Do they have the right assets?

Do they have the right people?

Do they have the right partners/advisors?

How good is their 12-24 month plan?

Is this investment worth the investment — time and risk?

If “it” doesn’t work what is their (and our) Plan B?

Hoe much do we know about this space/how helpful can we be in making it successful?

Break a leg!  Cheers.  DC

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