The Kiss of Death

I get a lot of phone calls asking me for references and referrals — some from the Principals and some from interested 3rd parties.  Most of them ramble around all kinds of background, education, work experience, problem solving and leadership style topics.  Usually the inquirer is minimally informed and only casually interested – going through the motions as a safety check to make sure they cover their bases.  As a result, in most cases, if I don’t have anything nice to say I don’t take the call.

Recently I was asked what trait I disliked most in leaders.  Good question!  Here’s my answer.

“Very Political.  Not a Team Player.  Unreliable Internal Ally”.

I don’t care what the task or what the team — being labeled an “unreliable internal ally” is the equivalent of a leadership Kiss of Death.

Cheers.  DC

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a compassionate capitalist
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