My Daily Reading List

While I continue working on a post on Winning (and Winners), I thought I’d knock out this request — What’s on your daily reading list ?

Before I go to the office in the morning……

USA Today (iPad) — its easy, its quick and its perfect for a scan while the coffee is being made.

AJC (online version not mobile app) — not much news but it does cover local politics and sports.  Annoying crime, car wreck, etc headlines.

Zite (iPad) — customized news feed with tabs on the topics I care about (music, photography, world news, social media, sports). My morning favorite.

Washington Post (iPad) — not as good as it used to be but still a real newspaper with some real stories.  Interesting Opinion pages.

The Guardian (web site) — just to see what the other side of the pond cares about.  Great interviews, great photos, obscure stories.

The Daily (iPad) — Murdoch online only paper.  Light on real news but some insightful stories and great photos.  Annoyingly stuck in portrait mode — a change for the worse they made a couple of months ago I presume to save money.

Politico (iPad app) — saves me a trip to Jimmy’s in the morning to find out what the local coffee clatch crew will be complaining about today. (iPad app) — all the key plays from the night before with great video and articles.  A must have for any baseball fan.

ESPN (web not mobile site) — mobile site is awful but full web site works just fine on my iPad.  Quick check in on College Football, MLB, NFL and Women’s soccer news.  Absolutely no news reading about the NBA, Notre Dame, Ohio State or Golf.

Twitter/Facebook — headline updates on FB and a quick scan of the twitter feeds I follow.  Some of the artsy folk I follow post some hilarious stuff while I’m sleeping.

Weather Underground — a quick check of the weather where I am, where I want to be,  and the fishing grounds off Destin, Fl.

Once I get to the office……

New York Times (physical paper) — all the news that’s fit to print.

Wall Street Journal (physical paper) — the greatest newspaper in America.

Now I’m ready to go to work !

Cheers.  DC

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