10 Essentials

This is a challenge post to get me to stop working and spend some time again on my blog.  You asked for it (thanks Ryan) – my 10 essentials.

1)  Filson Passage Tote Bag (www.filson.com) — THE bag I use to schlep stuff back and forth to the office, and as a carry-on briefcase while I travel.  Just perfect – holds all my stuff and nearly indestructible.

2)  Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Blackened Redfish Magic — my favorite condiment.  Goes with everything.  Try it, you’ll like it.

3) Leica D-Lux 5 camera — best $650 pocket camera on the market.  Great optics, takes amazing photos, built like a tank.  Fits in my jacket pocket so I actually carry it around with me (my apologies to my full size Nikon DSLR at home).  My treasured discussions with photography great Elliott Landy make me wish I spent more time playing with this.

4) The Economist — fantastic British “newspaper” that really is all the news you need (without the train wreck drama and celebrity voyeurism of most US news).  The iPad subscription is free when you get the magazine via snail mail.

5) Black Coffee — I have my favorites but generally I’m a fan of very strong and very dark.  Essential that I have 2 cups in the morning before operating heavy equipment or engaging in human interaction.  Be forewarned.

6)  HP12c Calculator — has been and still is the gold standard of financial calculators.  I have several, laying around, everywhere.  I also have the iPhone version — don’t leave home without it.

7) American Whiskey — Guilty pleasure.  I love whiskey, particularly American whiskey.  And — I’m not too picky, I’ll drink what you have.  That said, if I’m reaching for the top shelf my current favorites are Pappy 20 year and High West 21 year rye (I said I wasn’t picky, I didn’t say I couldn’t tell the good stuff from the great stuff !).

8)  Live Music — gotta have it, gotta see it, will drop almost anything to make sure I get it.

Beacon Theatre 11/16/12

2012 has been a good year — Allman Brothers (4), Tedeschi Trucks (3), Grace Potter, CS&N, John Hiatt, Dave Mason, Hot Tuna, Furthur (3), Tom Petty, The Eagles (2), Steve Winwood, Blues Traveler, My Morning Jacket, OAR, The Wood Brothers (2), Randall Bramblett (2).  Oh yeah, local favs like Tom & Julie, Trevor Finlay and Lauren St Jane too…

PS — If you don’t know their music, Susan Tedeschi and Grace Potter are total badasses!

9) Sharpies — the duct tape of the desktop.  Primary colors only please — black, blue and red!

10) Martin Guitars — I have too many guitars (well maybe not…) but my favorite is a Martin 000-28 Brazilian rosewood guitar that my bride gave me on my 50th birthday. Note: Eric Clapton isn’t scared of me.

Cheers!  DC

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