Dear Mr. Fantasy

Pass Us A Bill…..Something to Make Us All Happy……

The last couple of weeks Americans (and I suspect much of the world) have watched on in dismay as the worst of our political system oozed nonsense over the debt ceiling and our rising deficit.

Rest assured — no politician will leave this unscarred.

My personal “throw your hands up in the air and say whatever” moment came late last week when the House was engulfed in failure to agree on a bill to send to the Senate that had absolutely no chance of passing there anyway. I just don’t understand what forces cause our elected officials to put on a protracted clown parade while Main Street watches on, puts their heads down and continues to try to just muddle through this very tough economic patch.

From Main Street the answers seem so obvious.

#1 — Pass the debt ceiling limit of some large $ amount that buys “us” another 6-9 months.

#2 — Cut spending across the board by some meaningful %. (Yes that’s right, across the board, because you’ll never agree on any specific cuts anyway – and if you do we suspect they’ll be more pork somewhere to buy the cuts we need – eventually negating them.)

#3 — Raise taxes by closing loopholes. No more special deals, no more industry carve outs (Congress has already had more than a dozen studies of our tax code and suggested changes — dust one off and eat the taco),

#4 — Phase out Federal benefits to the wealthy (including me). I won and have created my own safety net.

#5 — Revise the Federal spend and tax code to encourage investments in people not assets. A cheaper iPad doesn’t help the unemployment rate.

The American people are watching our elected officials commit political suicide and I suspect we’re quite willing to consistently vote most of them off the island until we end up with a set of folks that can quit bickering and get stuff done.

Cheers. DC

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6 Responses to Dear Mr. Fantasy

  1. Tom Curling says:

    Well said! But, do you think any politicians will listen?

  2. R Martinez says:

    Well put. You should send as a letter to USA Today and call their letter department. Get it out there.

    One easily sees, when you live there, that many of the reps are good, dedicated hardworking individuals, but the more dogmatic drive the agenda. Compromise is a bad word to them, and they have driven most Centrist out.

    In contrast, the values most of us teach our kids are to respect diversity of thought and listen to those with other opinions. I have friends who are far right or far left, and we get together and enjoy each other. Don’t always agree, but we listen – and feel ourselves learning.

    Does this process really represent the family values we hear so much talk about by those in DC?

  3. James says:

    Right on, as usual. I repeat: Doug for Congress. You won’t win (you’re in the wrong state), but it would be most fun we’ve had in years.

  4. Alana Berlin says:

    I totally agree. You should run for office or at least send your thoughts to the NY Times.

  5. Alana says:

    I don’t blame you…All the good guys are too smart to get into politics. Compared to folks like Weiner, wide stance Craig and Schwarzenegger, inhaling seems charming.

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