Holiday Book List

Once again this year, staring down a long holiday I don’t feel like humoring my friends and commenting on the state of the economy this week. SO — for a change of pace — here’s my list of 2010 reads with some marked *** for highly recommended (in the order I read them this year).

Too Big To Fail (***) – Andrew Sorkin

Superfreakanomics – Levitt/Dubner

Last Man Standing – David Baldacci

I, Sniper – Stephen Hunter

Past Due (***) – Peter Goodman

The Tourist – Olen Steinhauer

Power of 2 (***) – Wagner/Muller

Zilch (***) – Nancy Lublin

The Postcard Killers – Patterson/Marklund

A Short History of Financial Euphoria (***) – John Kenneth Galbraith

Devil Take the Hindmost – Edward Chancellor

The Paris Vendetta – Steve Berry

Fall of Giants (***) – Ken Follett

Life (***) – Keith Richards

Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (***) – Jan Reid

The Bullpen Gospels (***) – Dick Hayhurst

I, Alex Cross – James Patterson

Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead – David Meerman

Paradise Screwed (***) – Carl Heissen

Treason – Don Brown

Sh*t My Dad Says (***) – Justin Halpern

Happy Holidays !  (updated 12/25/10)

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4 Responses to Holiday Book List

  1. Alana Berlin says:

    Love the name of your blog.

  2. John Pate says:

    Hi Doug – only 14 books this year?? Happy Holidays.

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