The Holiday Book Gift List

After a long holiday I don’t feel like humoring my friends and commenting on the state of the economy this week. SO — for a change of pace — here’s my list of 2009 reads with some marked *** for highly recommended (in the order I read them this year).

Shantaram (***) – Gregory Roberts

Riding the Iron Rooster – Paul Theroux

Double Whammy (***) – Carl Hiassen

Lush Life – Richard Price

At First Sight – Stephen Cannell

You Can Farm – Joel Salatin

The Accountant’s Story – Pablo Escobar

Flush – Carl Hiassen

Your Call Is (Not That) Important To Us – Emily Yellin

Cradle to Cradle (***) – William McDonough & Michael Braingart

Empires of Light (***) – Jill Jonnes

Mayflower – Nathanial Philbrick

The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown

The Numerati – Stephen Baker

Words That Ring Through Time (***) – Terry Golway

The Power of Two (***) – Rodd Wagner

Past Due – Peter Goodman

Strength in What Remais – Tracey Kidder

The Adams-Jefferson Letters (***) – Lester Cappon

Happy Reading…….DCC

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